1-Promote the relationship between veterinary technician and other veterinary team     

 2-Increase public awareness of the value of our profession.

 3-Encourage the highest standard of care.

 4-Promote full utilization of our technical skills.

 5-Provide information to our members regarding current trends and forward movement in 
    our profession.

 6-Promote diversity of our profession by embracing the variety of practices in Virginia and 
    providing support and education at multiple levels, to meet the individual needs of our 

 7-Support networking relationships and mentoring among colleagues as a means of sharing 
    and developing professional ethics, standards of practice and personal satisfaction with the 


The VALVT supports and has petitioned for the hours of veterinary technician's continuing education to go from the requirement of 6 to 8 hours. Please visit http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/comments.cfm?stageid=7024 to voice your opinions. The 2nd public comment period is open until 7/1/2015. Please note that these comments are not limited to licensees only, so feel free to pass this along to your veterinary, professional colleagues, clients, and pet owners if they wish to express their thoughts. It is open to the public for discussion.

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Mission Statement:  "The Virginia Association of Licensed Veterinary Technicians is dedicated to supporting the growth of licensed veterinary technicians by providing professional representation, education, and communication."
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