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Learn more about the 2021 VVC technician lectures below. This page will be continuously updated as we receive additional session descriptions from the speakers.

Thursday, June 10th

  Dan Givens, DVM, PHD, DACT, DACVM (Virology), Dean, VMCVM


SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19: A Comparative Virology Perspective - This program will review coronaviruses of veterinary and human importance. Emphasis will be placed on understanding host range, potential for transmission, pathophysiology, effective diagnostic methodologies, and vaccination strategies for these coronaviruses. Comparison among coronaviruses and the recently emerged SARS-CoV-2 will be highlighted.

Friday, June 11th


  Hilary Skoog, LVT

Sample Preparation: How to Get the Most Accurate Results 
Highlighting the importance of laboratory skills to include; sample preparation, how to determine the specimen type needed for both in-house and reference lab testing, how to select the most appropriate collection device and or tube, as well as understanding how to handle and store collected specimens. We will also review how to assess specimen quality and understand the impact it has on results

Jessey Scheip, LVT, VTS, KPA-CTP

Assessing and Treating Separation Anxiety - Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral diagnoses made in primary care practices. In this session, technicians will learn the different manifestations of separation anxiety, management strategies, medication protocols, and training tactics. Attendees should feel comfortable going back to their practices with a solid background in the treatment of this challenging condition.

House Soiling in Cats - Eliminating outside the litterbox is such a common problem in feline patients, that many families don't even bring it up anymore. There are a number of underlying causes for this frustrating problem. In this session, we'll explore the different motivations, screening tactics, and treatment options so that families and felines, can live happier lives together.

Managing the Aggressive Patient in Hospital - Aggressive patients are challenging enough for a simple yearly examination, but managing them for multiple days due to hospitalization, boarding, or surgery can be particularly stressful for everyone. During this session, we will learn more about why pets are aggressive in the clinic, how we can manage their set up, and specific interaction techniques to help keep everyone safe and stress as low as possible.  


  Marianne Alcan, DVM

Heartworm? Not On My Watch! An Evidence Based Approach to Heartworm Disease Prevention 
- Discussion of the "why" for heartworm disease by understanding lifecycle, pathology, changing prevalence and the role of resistant strains. Utilizing this information to inform our recommendations and protocols for choosing and using heartworm preventatives in ways to maximize compliance and efficacy.

  Jenny Kastelberg, LVT, VTS

Anesthesia: One Protocol does not Fill All 
- This lecture will cover how to create drug protocols based on the individual patient versus "standard use". I will cover how to determine these on a case by case by breaking down patient history, comorbidities and using multimodal anesthesia to achieve the best outcome.

Troubleshooting Anesthesia: Open Forum Discussion - This will give attendees a chance to ask questions from pre-op to post-op, pain management, recovery, etc.

Saturday, June 12th

Joshua Bernick, Tick Surveillance Coordinator

Ticks - Description Coming Soon!

  Amber Roudette, DVM

Ten Tips for Treating GI Stasis in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs for the Veterinary Technician, Part 1 & 2 - Gastrointestinal stasis, or slowdown of the GI tract, is a common ailment of rabbits and guinea pigs. Although the inciting causes may vary, general treatment strategies are similar. In these sessions, the important role of the veterinary technician treating patients with GI stasis will be examined and emphasized.

  Melissa Turner, DVM and Hannah Davis, LVT

Shelter Medicine - Looking for a change, new purpose, new meaning? No??? Well then how about some pearls of wisdom to help you become a well-rounded LVT in areas such as anesthesia, dentistry and preventative care that we person daily in shelter medicine?


   Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, LVT, FFCP

The Business of Being a Vet Tech - Many career options exist for veterinary technicians. This presentation will discuss how to decide which type of career path is best suited for your individual wants and needs, how to financially make this profession work for you, and how to manage daily stressors while avoiding burnout.

   Joe DeFulio, CVT, CFE, CFT, CCFP, CVBL

The Ins and Outs of Compassion Fatigue 
- As compassion fatigue continues to become increasingly prevalent in the veterinary profession, it is imperative that we heighten our awareness and understand how to effectively combat it in clinical practice. We will discuss the fundamental components of compassion fatigue, including risk factors, signs, resiliency practices, and prevention. Participants will be provided with tools that they can use in practice.


  Cathleen Lombardi, DVM, CVA

Chiropractic Care for Veterinary Patients 
- Animal chiropractic has been steadily gaining in popularity. This lecture will introduce attendees to the philosophy and theory behind chiropractic for animals. We will explore indications as well as contradictions for using this treatment modality. Finally, we will discuss recent research into animal chiropractic as well as some of the controversies surrounding the use of chiropractic on animals. 

Acupuncture for Veterinary Patients  - This lecture will introduce some of the concepts used in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). After this session, attendees will have a better understanding of diagnosis and treatment of diseases using TCVM. 

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